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Equipped with critical perspectives on race, gender, and global inequality, WE EXAMINE THE RELATIONSHIP OF SOCIAL MEDIA, MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES, GLOBAL CONNECTIVITY, AND THE DIGITAL ARTS TO  CULTURAL UNDERGROUNDS. We look to subcultural movements of the past to imagine how they inflect new forms of digital life today. We ask how the technologies of the era shape, and are in turn shaped by, cultural “undergrounds” as they move from, to and through local, hidden, radical, or otherwise “different” spaces into an ever-changing global mainstream. 


We believe that a rigorous engagement with cultural contexts, social difference, aesthetic communication, and global inequality offer important new directions in digital/media studies. 

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From scholarly research to media collaboration and social advocacy, we are invested in new media movements.

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You can find emerging work in media studies and critique here, featuring critical pieces by new cultural critics and media makers.

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